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Creating a Seating Chart Moment with a Wedding Planner

A large portion of what Lowcountry Lettering does is weddings. Building and maintaining relationships with wedding planners is crucial because word of mouth it the best free advertising you can have. The industry is a tight nit group of friends who help support and build one another up. I met Stella Jane Events a long time ago at a church while I was coordinating for the priest and Meagan was the wedding planner. Then a couple of months ago we met again at a wedding networking event. Meagan soon reached out and asked for assistance on a seating chart that she envisioned. She sent me the idea and I immediately said yes!

This blog will show you what materials to buy, how to measure for spacing and tips for lettering.


A seating chart composed of dark wood rectangles with white modern calligraphy for the table number and bold guest names. Meagan cut and stained around 20 wood pieces and handed them off to me to start creating.


9250 Laser Level Mouse from Johnson ($20)

Stained Wood Square (provided by planner)

Painters Pen from Walmart ($3)

-fine and medium tip

Wedding Seating Chart (provided by planner)


After reviewing the seating chart, the most people at a table in 11. I made sure to measure out 2 inches for the table number, then measured how much space I would need to do 11 names. Lets say that the wood square is 12 inches - 2 inches for table number = 10 inches left to write names. I have about 9 cm for each name so I measure that out on an envelope to use as my guide on each wood square.


Use the medium tip white paint pen and make sure to test it before writing so that the paint is running smoothly. Lettering looks beautiful when you mix a curvy romantic font with a bold straight letter. For the table number do a modern calligraphy look. I like to write it out fully then fill in the down strokes a little thicker.


Take your envelope and make sure that it is lined up for home many names will be on the wood square. These differed from 9-11 so some on the cards started and ended at different points. Have the laser liner lined up with your measured points on the envelope to create a line to write on (see video above). Use the fine tip paint pen, again make sure it is running smoothly, and start writing!


-Your paint pen will loose paint so every once in a while shake and tap it to get more paint running.

-Be careful with spacing, double check and check again after that. Paint is permanent!

-Read the name over 3 times before writing, even say it out loud, again PAINT IS PERMANENT!

-Let dry


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